The Town of Plymouth's vision is to continue developing and retaining a strong cultural, historical and rural character.  Town of Plymouth aims to provide planning to insure that the basic priorities that residents hold important are upheld.  The town will continue to value the importance of preserving farmland and scenic beauty, continuation of town services with a minimum of rules and regulations, and the preservation of all recreational opportunities.

Community input is valued and decisions are made with the welfare of the residents in mind.  The town's mission is to balance community identity with the interests of our residents to benefit the quality of life for current and future generations.

1.  Maintain farmland and farming opportunities and enhance the farming community by creating an environment that ensures agricultural opportunities and agribusiness as a viable career choice.

Recognizing that the Town of Plymouth includes a large farming community.  The Town will stress the importance of preserving farmland and promoting innovative agricultural opportunities, including the adoption of new technologies and exploration of agricultural niche markets and related cottage industries.  Coordination with farmers on development options and preservation methods will ensure a balance between compatible residential development and continued agriculture.

Map of Juneau County

2.  Preserve and protect the scenic beauty of the Town of Plymouth and its natural and historic resources including water quality and significant geological features and continue to strengthen the town's rural character and surrounding environment.

The Town of Plymouth's natural beauty and surrounding environment is evident by the mix of agricultural and forested areas and unique landscapes.  Through cooperation with landowners, activities occurring on these lands will emphasize the protection of the Town's natural character including clean air, water quality and visual character.  Enhancing and preserving these features will result in a well-developed aesthetically enjoyable and safe community.

3.  Encourage the continuance of good community services while improving technology based services.

Maintenance of community services such as fire, ambulance and roads will continue as the Town grows and will utilize increases in the tax base to improve services when needed.  The Town will identify appropriate ways to accommodate development.  As technology progresses and the population increases, the Town will encourage local telecommunication, electric and other service providers to upgrade.

4.  Promote economic development that emphasizes business and employment opportunities and which stresses the importance of retaining and establishing local recreational possibilities.

The Town of Plymouth supports the development of new commercial businesses that will benefit the local economy and reflect the rural and recreational character of the Town.  The Town will emphasize those businesses that expand upon the recreational character of the Town by providing goods and services to both seasonal and locals while also providing employment opportunities.  The Town will also support the inception and expansion of "everyday" businesses that provide goods and services to the great Plymouth area.