If you need an application approved or want to be added to that month's agenda, you must get your information to the Town Clerk by the 1st Thursday of the month if action is needed at that month's Board Meeting on the 2nd Monday of the month.

The Town is a member of the County's recycling program called C.R.A.M.  You may take your refuse/recyclables to the Juneau County Landfill located at W9711 Ceylon Road, Mauston.  Times open as as follows: 

Mondays-Thursdays -- 8:00am to 3:30pm
Saturdays -- 8:00am to 12:00pm

Tuesdays & Fridays -- CLOSED


Building Permits
Print Application

Please send fees separate from tax payments.  Dog licenses are due by April 1st. 


Each spayed/neutered dog - $3.00

Female/Male dog - $8.00

Multiple dog licenses are available for up to 12 dogs for a fee of $35.00.  Any additional dog above 12 would cost an additional $3.00/$8.00 depending if the dog is spayed/neutered or not.  A copy of the rabies vaccinations for each dog and proof if the dog is spayed/neutered are required.

Send a copy of rabies certificate along with a self-addressed stamped envelope for return of certificate and license to:

Town of Plymouth

W9902 State Road 82

Elroy, WI 53929

When do I need a building permit?

You will need a building permit for every structure -- Residential: single family, duplex, multi-family structures; Commercial or Industrial: building, additions, remodeling, carport, deck, building demolition, moving a building, shed, cement -- ANY STRUCTURE.

Building permits are required for any construction, enlargement, or alteration BEFORE you begin your project.  All construction must be according to Wisconsin State Code standards and current ordinances.

Before applying for a building permit or other changes to your property contact Betty Manson at 608-462-5034 or 608-547-5283

Tax Collection

Checks or Money Orders only Please!

Include the tax bill stub or parcel number along with payment. Send a self-addressed stamped envelope for a receipt.

There is no tax increase in the levy for the Town of Plymouth in 2018.

For further tax information click here


Voting takes place at Plymouth Town Hall -- W9902 State Road 82 -- Elroy  


For more information click on My Vote Wisconsin

Burning Permits

The Town does not require burning permits, if your fire escapes your control, you may be liable for fire suppression costs plus double the damages caused by the fire that you started.

Fire Signs

For your safety, be sure your fire sign is visible.  Uniform red and white signs are required.  Contact Betty Manson at 608-462-5034 if you do not have the standard red and white sign.  Please keep fire signs visible and clear.

Fire & Rescue Calls

The Town contracts with the Elroy Fire and Ambulance.  There is a charge for each fire protection serviced.  This charge is the responsibility of the property owner.  Be sure to check your insurance policy to ensure coverage for the charge.

NOTE:  Be sure that your overhanging limbs and brush are clear for fire and emergency vehicle access.  

Snowplowing of Private Driveways

Snowplowing and/or sanding of private driveways is a service provided by the Town.  An application must be picked up, signed and fee remitted to the Town before any plowing and/or sanding of private driveways can be done.  Please have all vehicles/equipment out of the way so the patrolmen can safely do their job.

NOTE:  It is illegal and hazardous to push snow from driveways onto public roads. 

It is the residence's responsibility to keep mailbox and driveway accesses clear.


Report any dangerous road conditions to the Town of Plymouth Chairman or Patrolmen.


Delivery of gravel is another service provided by the Town.  Each residence is allowed up to three (3) loads per year.  (No carry-over from year to year)

Delivery dates are determined by weather, usually April 1st through November 1st.  All gravel must be paid prior to any delivery being made.